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Why this Science & Technology Quiz?

Science involves the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the living and the natural world by observation and experimentation, and technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. So to improve your understanding of one of the interesting fields this quiz is designed for you.

How Science & Technology are related?

Science and technology help each other to improve. Scientific knowledge is used to build new technologies. New technologies often allow scientists to explore the environment in a variety of ways and to innovate. 

Thus, we bring you one of the high-quality science and technology quizzes on the internet today to improve and learn more. Please share your feedback with us by dropping a message here and also share it with your friends who have an interest in Science & Technology. 

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Please note that the timer will start as soon as you start the quiz.

Please note that the timer will start as soon as you start the quiz.

Quiz - 2 (Science & Technology)

Science & Technology is a field with almost infinite possibilities. Curiosity is natural for a person interested in this field.

Boost your interest and knowledge with this Quiz.

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Who was the first to make a permanent photographic image?

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Motorola was the first telephone company to create a handheld mobile phone.

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Earth is the fourth-largest planet in the solar system in terms of size and mass.

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Falcon 9 tanks are made of

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At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit equal?

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Recently NASA announced plans on Wednesday to launch a pair of missions to _____ between 2028 and 2030

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Who is known as the father of electricity

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Which of these was the first supercomputer?

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The wings of the plane are attached to this part. Identify it

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About how many computer languages are in use?

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What name is given for the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom?

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Bone Marrow is a ______ substance found in the center of the bones

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What does the acronym FTP stand for?

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India's first mission to Moon Chandrayaan-1 was launched from the site

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What is the study of mushrooms called?

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