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Why this Science & Technology Quiz?

Science involves the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the living and the natural world by observation and experimentation, and technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. So to improve your understanding of one of the interesting fields this quiz is designed for you.

How Science & Technology are related?

Science and technology help each other to improve. Scientific knowledge is used to build new technologies. New technologies often allow scientists to explore the environment in a variety of ways and to innovate. 

Thus, we bring you one of the high-quality science and technology quizzes on the internet today to improve and learn more. Please share your feedback with us by dropping a message here and also share it with your friends who have an interest in Science & Technology. 

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Duration - 200 Seconds

No of questions - 10

Duration - 200 Seconds

No of questions - 10

Quiz - Science & Technology

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Choose the correct option about Jeff  Bezos Company Blue Origin.

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Which of the following company is building the largest two-wheeler factory in the world?

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The first rocket which could fly high enough to get into space was launched by

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First Laptop was introduced in

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Which of the following company is most valuable (market capitalization wise) ?

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Which one of the following is a china's Electric Car company?

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Which of the following car companies have not gone bankrupt.

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Apple's Macintosh was introduced in

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How many Starlink satellites have been launched by SpaceX in LEO?

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What is the range of the Tesla Model 3 Long-range version?

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