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Amazon to hire 55,000 across the US, India, Germany and Japan

Globally Inc. is planning to hire 55,000 people for the role in corporate and technology, said newly promoted Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in his very first press interview to Reuters.

The number of people, e-commerce giant Amazon is hiring is equal to more than a third of Google’s headcount as of June 30, and close to all of Facebook’s.

Andy Jassy said the company needed more firepower to keep up with demand in retail, the cloud, and advertising, among other businesses.

He said the company’s new bet to launch satellites into orbit to widen broadband access, called Project Kuiper, and would require a lot of new hires, too.

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According to him, 15th September, the date on which Amazon’s annual job fair is scheduled, is a great time for hiring people for new roles.

“There are so many jobs during the pandemic that have been displaced or have been altered, and there are so many people who are thinking about different and new jobs,” Amazon CEO added.

“Its part of what we think makes ‘Career Day’ so timely and so useful,” he said

Amazon currently has 2,75,000 employees globally around the world. After this huge recruitment, there will be a whopping 20% increment in Amazon’s staff for technology and corporate roles.

Over 40,000 of hiring from 50,000 will be done in the United States. Whereas, rest of 15,000 will be hired across the countries like India, Germany, and Japan.

The company is attracting workers by raising their pay, as Amazon wants to build and invest in more warehouses, in order to deliver its products to shoppers effectively.

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