Elon Musk urges his TeslaAIBot to be nice to humans

A Twitter user recently asked Elon musk, “Why would you want us to fear AI and then make a robot ?”

Elon Politely replied, “The robots are coming anyway, as Boston Dynamics videos clearly show. I will not be able to ensure that robots made by other companies are safe, but I can try my best to do so at Tesla.”

screenshot of twitter
After this reply users started to post comments on the tweet of the Twitter user, one among them was the official Twitter handle of Tesla’s TeslaAIbot, which replied, “Hello, Elon. As my creator, thank you”

This added more fire to the conversation and ultimately Elon replied to that, “Ur welcome, pls be nice to the humans”

screenshot of twitter
screenshot of twitter

This was not the first time Elon showed his concern to humans. He fears like many other humans that AI could take over the humans and be a threat to the species.

The growth of AI is exponential. It will take over humans or not, is not an easy question. Once Elon musk and Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma debated on the topic.

Elon musk had a fearful but long-term view. On the other side, Jack Ma said that computers or artificial intelligence can be clever than humans but can’t be smarter than us.

Elon musk strongly disagreed that time.

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