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Studio Sirah gets $830K seed investment from Lumikai

Studio Sirah, a Gaming Startup, which is evolving Indian games, has recently raised $830k seed investment in a round led by Lumikai. Other participants included Akshat Rathee (Founder of Nodwin Games), Piyush Shah (Co-founder of Inmobi), Roshni Rathi (Partner at BCG), Alexis Bonte (COO of Stillfront Games), and Sameer Pitalwalla (Director of Epic Games).

They will be using the raised amount in Developing their first game, Kurukshetra: Ascension. It is a strategy card battler game featuring iconic heroes and creatures from India’s 5000 years old Indian epic myths.

Kurukshetra: Ascension, the game will be available for free to play. Studio Sirah believes that a player’s success should be defined by their skill, not their wallet.

Studio Sirah is a Bengaluru-based startup, was founded in 2020 by the two brothers Abhaas Shah and Prateek Shah. They both were very fond of games and had a passion for gaming. They use to play games like Age of Empires, Hearthstone, and the Civilisation series while they were growing up.

Gaming background enabled both the brothers and gave a deep understanding of the field.

Their investor Lumikai is a gaming and interactive media venture fund. It provides the fund in gaming and interactive media industry startups. The goal of Lumikai is to become a lighthouse Venture Capital fund that will be acting as a catalyst for game-changing startups.

Abhaas Shah and Prateek Shah before starting Studio Sirah, both were doing jobs at Bain and Nvidia respectively. During the pandemic, when both were at home in India talked a lot about their childhood and gaming.  

They tried to search for Indian content-based games which they can like and enjoy playing. But unfortunately, they didn’t found any game of their interest.

Then both the brothers decided to start their gaming startup which can bring Indian content to the world.

Studio Sirah’s first game will be focused on mobile but they will be launching for both mobile and PC.

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