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We all know, Elon Musk is known and admired because of his hard work and taking bold decisions like starting companies like SpaceXTesla which were likely to be big failures.

There are many stories of Chief Engineer of SpaceX i.e. Elon Musk which unveils his deep commitment and passion towards the Space Industry. Since childhood, he loved and had fantasies of rocket ships and space travel. When he exited from PayPal, unlike other entrepreneurs he immediately started to think about his next venture.

Kevin Hartz, an early PayPal investor shares his experience with Elon Musk on PayPal’s success party of executives at Las Vegas. He said, “We’re all hanging out in this cabana at the Hard Rock Cafe, and Elon is there reading some obscure Soviet rocket manual that was all moldy and looked like it had been bought on eBay. He was studying it and talking openly about space travel and changing the world.”

Musk after realizing his next venture in Space, he decided to now move to Los Angeles because he knew that it had been a favored city for the aeronautics industry since the 1920s and there he can find the world’s top aeronautics thinkers. They could help him to gain more knowledge and refine his ideas.

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Elon met Robert Zubrin, head of the Mars Society (A Non-profit group) on one of his first interactions with the space enthusiasts at Los Angeles. Zubrin says, “He was much more intense than some of the other millionaires, he didn’t know a lot about space, but he had a scientific mind. He wanted to know exactly what was being planned in regards to Mars and what the significance would be.” And now the same desire of exploring space and mars has made musk, one of the most influential people for the decades.

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